How to Set Returns Policies

This article explains how to set returns policies of new vendors as well as editing existing ones.

Last updated March 6th, 2020

Communicating your returns policy to your customers can be a vital part of your company’s success, as the importance of such policies has grown significantly. This is due to customer habits changing - with more people purchasing online, the ease of returns has become a must-have for many, and therefore checking the returns policies before ordering is common practice.

Setting Returns Policies for New Vendors

When creating a new vendor in Returnify, there will be a Returns Policy - field. Just add the text, and save. If you need to edit it later on, go to Locations > Click Edit next to the vendor name and edit the Returns Policy field.

Setting Returns Policies for Vendors Coming from Jetti

If you already have set returns policies for your vendors in Jetti, these will be directly synced to Returnify, so you won’t need to take any further actions. If you have not set these policies in Jetti and want to add them, or are looking to edit them, you can do so by going to Locations and clicking Edit next to a vendor’s name.

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