Returnify Onboarding - Step by Step

This article is the basic outline of the different steps that are included in setting up your Returnify account

Last updated February 5th, 2020

Your Onboarding - Step by Step

This article is a guideline to your Returnify onboarding, outlining the steps needed to get your account started. Treat it as your map, following each step in the order they are in, and you will get your Returnify account setup in no time!

Connect with your Jetti account (optional)

If you have a Jetti account, the very first thing you should do is to connect your Jetti account with Returnify. This will facilitate the rest of your account set up, as many of your settings will be imported directly from Jetti. If you do not use Jetti, you can skip this step.

Read instructions on how to connect your accounts here.

Connect Your Store

Next you will need to connect your store to your Returnify account. Once you have done this, the orders coming in from your store will be directly synced with your Returnify account.

Read this for instructions on connecting your store.

Setup Your Vendors

Your next step is setting up your vendors. Once you have done this, the returns will automatically sync to your vendor’s return portal, minimizing the back-and-forth communication you need to do regarding returns.

For instructions on how to set up your vendors, read this.

Set your Returns Policy

Next, it’s time to set your returns policy. This is a key step, as communicating your returns policy to your customers can be a vital part of your company’s success. If you have synced Jetti to your account, the returns policies have already been directly synced, and no further actions are required.

To learn how to set or edit policies, read this.

Set up your Shipping Carriers

Next step is setting up your shipping carriers. This will allow you to automate the shipping of product returns, saving you manual work and time. If you have connected to Jetti, your shipping carrier settings will be directly synced with those that you set in Jetti, so no further actions are needed on your end.

Place a Test Order & Return

Finally, it’s time to test Returnify. Placing a test order and a test return will show you how the system works. If you are happy with the set up, you’ll be ready to go!

Read here how to create a test order and return.

Once you are done with these five steps, you are ready to get your Returnify account up and running! However, if you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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